How Wrupup came about was not really as inspiring as the garage story. We did not aspire to make something new and innovative but rather to provide a solution to the complexities of impact sourcing or outsourcing in the freelancing industry.

It was more than just making things better for our local freelancers we were not just providing an alternative choice from existing job market platforms. But to create a freelance community equipped of talent development programs and matching and placement back-end support system for clients and our local freelancers geared towards everyone's pursuit of happiness.

  • 2018

    Wrupup started collaborating and participated in ICT

    Many activities and have organized talent development programs and the like that are beneficial to our local freelancers like freelancer’s huddle and upskilling w/ Canva, with Joey Gurango etc..

  • SITIO was officially launched

    It was decided then that it will be the official platform to be used to bring in more jobs and projects for freelancers and homegrown BPOs.

  • Wrupup onboarded new Co-founders

    Gill Sugapong and Yvette Marie Sabellona to take care of marketing promotions and business development side.

  • Wrupup was officially launched

    Last August 10, 2018 at Robinsons Place Iligan. And since then it started inviting all local freelancers in Iligan to signup and let us promote and sell you out!

    Well, it took us more than two years to finally get Wrupup out there. At the very least, it should be difficult to get a piece of that market share since other platforms are way ahead. And our UI/UX and technology may not be as awesome compare to our competitors but...BUT at any rate we know are talents is second to none which is really the unique value proposition of Wrupup.

  • 2017

    This year was tough for Wrupup

    Since budget was really a problem and the development took several stumbles from UI/UX designs, front-end and backend issues all the way to shifting its framework from Bootstrap, Codeigniter and finally Laravel. But it secured a seed funding.

    During the same year Wrupup and together with Jake, Staphanie Caragos of Syntactics and Atty. Jocelle Sigue of Philippine ICT Network started the Social Innovation Thru Impact Outsourcing (SITIO). A countryside development initiative by Atty. Jocelle to drive both online job and economic opportunities to conflict areas.

  • Wrupup had its beta launching at St. Michael’s College in Iligan

    It was initially introduced (as an idea and as a product) in several events and conferences. And have establish relationship with several IT-BPM companies.

  • 2016

    Wrupup was the brainchild of founder Andrews Libradilla

    Developed back in 2016. He strongly believes that job market platforms could actually do more than just providing a portal for clients and freelancers / virtual assistants to meet and work on a project. As a long-time freelance digital marketer and project manager working on various campaigns and all sorts of projects for many US and Aussie businesses, MSMEs and/or Startups, he foresee that for long term work relationship of clients and freelancers to work social innovation and human intervention should work altogether through a dedicated impact sourcing platform.

  • Following the first tier of the product development

    A strong partnership with Iligan City Councilor Jake Balanay was formed. Jake was integral to the realization of Wrupup giving all sorts of support we needed. Not only that Wrupup was backed up by Mindanao Cluster 2 Director Evamay Dela Rosa and was incubated at the Department of Information & Communication Technology Tech4Ed Center in Iligan. She believes that having a locally based job market platform will be a key instrument in developing the countryside in terms of ICT.