Giusseppe Sebastien Lacuna

Virtual Assistant, Data Entry Clerk
  PHILIPPINES | #38 San.Miguel st., Poblacion, Iligan City

About Giusseppe Sebastien

Hello websters!

I've been a Virtual Assistant for 4 years already, Monitoring Company's Social Media Accounts. I have skills in being a Semi-content writer, Transcriber, Affiliates, Data-Entry, WordPress Scheduling and slight knowledge of WordPress.

I also help in boosting websites. Being in this line of work has not only been purely because of salary basis but also because it has been a passion. The advantages of being in this line of work is I can bring it anywhere, anytime. I also love to be acquainted with other team across the globe! There is a non stop learning progress with this work as I continue to be educated on more things as i work. I am good in following orders and I am very good in meeting the deadlines.




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