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Information Technology
  PHILIPPINES | San Miguel Iligan city

About Jumer II

I'm not that veteran when it comes to freelancing here online, but I have had several experiences like :
o Data entry
o Web Scraping
o Article Writing
o Web Design
1. Wordpress
• Resizing the pictures given by the employer by using paint
• Cutting unnecessary white backgrounds of the picture
• Putting labels regarding its color/s
• Labeling its price
• Go straight to wordpress, fill the blank spaces (Title of the Products, Descriptions, etc.)
• Upload the final image though wordpress
• Finally, upload the product.
2. Amazon Analysis
• Client will give me a theme or rather an idea (e.g. Halloween) for a shirt
• Then I will research such an idea in amazon.com and filter them
• In filtering them, they must meet certain criteria like its amazon ranking must be below 700K, its price must above $15.00, and last but not the least to make sure that it has only 1 duplicate (2 more is not acceptable)
• I used DS Amazon Quick View in order to see their amazon rankings.
• Then if a specific shirt met the criteria, I would input them in the shared google doc by my client.
• Repetition
3. Data Entry/Web Research
• My boss will give me a concept of establishments/people (artists, yoga, studios, etc.) to look for their addresses, email address, contact number, etc.
• Then I will input them in either a googledoc or in excel
4. Data Entry/ Q&A
5. Virtual Assistant
• Checks my client’s emails daily for important notices
• Schedules him into events and gigs for he is a musician




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