At WrupUp we make sure we make outsourcing easy and fast.

Here’s how clients outsource their projects/jobs:

1. Tell us your ideal freelancers and we will look for someone in our list

Every client has their ideal candidate and are looking for someone that has all the requirements and talent to meet their expectations. You can either tell us about it or simply post a job and we will alert the right candidate(s).

2. Will match it with our freelancers profiles then refer a list to you

After posting a job our resident TR associate will prepare a list of candidates and call them. Freelancers will be asked about their skills, availability, relevant experiences and etc. Thereafter send the list to the client.

3. Interview and select your candidate

The client can go through with the list and start series of interviews or he/she can find or search directly on our freelancer’s directory. When the client successfully chose the right applicant he/she can hire him/her on the spot.

For clients abroad they can directly post a job without signing up however they won’t be able to view applications and messages not until they will sign up as hiring client using the same email used for the job post(s). While freelancers can easily signup and start building their profile the same other job market platforms.